Haoyu Tang

I am currently an assistant Professor in the School of Software, Shandong University. I’ve received the PhD degree at the School of Software Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, supervised by associate professor Jihua Zhu and co-mentored by research fellow Zhiyong Cheng in Shangdong Acadamy. I received the B.Eng degree from Xi’an jiaotong University in China. My research interests include information retrieval, multimedia and machine learning.

Research interest:

  • Information Retrieval

  • Multimedia

  • Machine Learning


Haoyu Tang, Jihua Zhu, Meng Liu, Member, IEEE, Zan Gao, and Zhiyong Cheng. Frame-wise Cross-modal Matching for Video Moment Retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia(TMM), 2021. [CCF B]Link

Haoyu Tang, Jihua Zhu, Qinghai Zheng, Jun Wang, Shanmin Pang, Zhongyu Li. Label Enhancement with Sample Correlations via Low-Rank Representation, AAAI 2020. [CCF A]Link

Haoyu Tang, Jihua Zhu, Lin Wang, Qinghai Zheng, Tianwei Zhang. Multi-level Query Interaction for Temporal Language Grounding. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems(TITS), 2021. [CCF B]Link

Haoyu Tang, Jihua Zhu, Zan Gao, Tao Zhuo, Zhiyong Cheng. Attention Feature Matching for Weakly-supervised Video Relocalization. ACM Multimedia Asia 2020. Link

Qinghai Zheng, Jihua Zhu, Haoyu Tang, Xinyuan Liu, Zhongyu Li, Huimin Lu. Generalized label enhancement with sample correlations. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering(TKDE), 2021. [CCF A]Link


  • Invited Reviewer for Transactions on Multimedia (TMM)

  • Invited Reviewer for Information Sciences (INS)

  • Invited Reviewer for MM Asia 2021, MM Asia 2022

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